charleston peir

Tye Grisel has been around the flight world for his entire life.  He grew up with his father flying small airplanes all over the country.  When all of his friends went to summer camp, he would be flying his dad around in a small twin engine cessna.  His fascination for flying and the images that he would see continued to grow.

He got his first quadcopter a in 2014, and never looked back.  He upgraded to more professional quadcopters and began to learn how to use a drone for business.  He now has dozens of clients, providing everything from Real Estate to Construction to Roof Inspections.

Sting Williams was a body shop genius who worked rebuilding cars and trucks with precision and patience.  He is a champion gamer on the xbox and playstation, so when he was asked to fly drones for Drone F/X it was a no brainer.  His attention to detail, and hand eye coordination made this transition an simple decision.

He performs aerial maneuvers with ease, and can control the drone and camera as if it is an extension of his own hands!